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Words in the Heroes' Tongue

I have a variable-sword. I urge calm.

4 October 1953
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I am a kzin, a nine foot intelligent alien warrior covered in orange fur, stranded on Earth and forced to work in a human Call Centre to obtain necessities like prey, spaceship parts, and web space.

I'm a very friendly alien (or at least I pretend to be while I work on my scheme for world domination and turning all you humans into my slaves/food sources) and if someone Friends me I usually Friend them right back; after taking a look at the Friender's LJ of course. I'll always Friend someone who never or hardly ever posts (except 'serial adders', who I ban as a matter of course); I'll always Friend someone who writes interesting stuff, or who puts long posts behind cuts; the only way I wouldn't Friend someone is if they write enormously long entries without using the LJ cut, and that material isn't of interest to me (or is in Russian, see below!).

Note about Russians: I no longer Friend Russians back if their Journal is written entirely in Russian, unless it is obvious from their interests and other Friends that they are legitimate fic-readers, and even then I won't Friend them if they do long Russian posts without using cuts.

My Friends list is getting extremely long and I've now adopted a policy of not Friending anyone unless they Friend me first. And if anyone defriends me I will almost always defriend them in retaliation return.

I wrote a lot of fanfic (mainly Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel) before I had a LiveJournal, and even when I started posting fic here I took a while to start putting fics into Memories, and so you'll find a lot more stories on my website than you will here. However these days things always appear on LJ before they go on the site, and so this is where you'll find the newest material.

Oh, and I'm male. Kzinti females are not sentient, except on the Ringworld (and we will speak of them no more), so the assumption that I am female that keeps being made because I write Buffy fanfic is a deadly insult that would require the traditional "scream and leap" response if that were possible on the Internet.

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