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My talented wife ...

Pimp time. Ten Years After, by curiouswombat, is now complete. It’s a Spike/Dawn tale that avoids most of the “eww” factor in that pairing; because this, as the title implies, is an adult Dawn.

It’s a gentle tale, not high on action and suspense, described as ‘charming’ by several readers. The rating overall is at least R and possibly heading into NC-17 for fairly explicit sex. 22 chapters, 70,000 words.

Summary: It is ten years after Chosen, nine years after Not Fade Away, and Dawn is a beautiful young woman of 26 going on 27. However she hasn't changed physically since she was 20, and she is beginning to suspect that being The Key is still having an effect on her life …

The link above is to Chapter One. The chapter index is in memories HERE (in a slightly jumbled order, unfortunately). The final chapter, 22, is HERE

I haven't done any writing at all so far on these 5 nights off; I went out for a meal with my work colleagues last night, and when I got home I played "Medal of Honour: Allied Assault: Breakthrough" for hours. I've been playing it all today as well. I've owned that expansion for about a year and I hadn't even broken the shrink wrap, and it's about time I got some use out of it.

I might get "Angel of the Morning" finished over the next couple of days, but no promises.
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