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Stupid crossover drabble

The lovely kantayra was remarking recently on her Journal that she wanted to read stories about Sark (from Alias) in cold hard assassin mode, and that the only pairing she was interested in at that moment was Sark/Gun. She meant his automatic pistol, but I misread it slightly ... 100 words.

Happiness is a Warm Gunn

“Holy shit, man! You shot Wesley!” The handsome black lawyer looked at the body and then looked back at the cold, hard, assassin.

Sark shrugged. “I got paid. You have a problem with it?”

“Hell, no,” Gunn said. “We were friends, but he stabbed me. Kinda put a damper on the whole relationship thing.”

Sark smiled. “Glad to hear it. I usually have sex to celebrate a good clean kill. What do you say?”

Gunn’s eyes widened. “I’m straight! Sorry.”

“I’m free!” Harmony piped up.

Gunn shuddered. “Hey, man, got to save you from that. Consider me all gayed up.”

Tags: drabbles, fic
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