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Bad news about Life in Shadow

Happy birthday joyful_dayz

Even after the last rewrite I'm still not totally happy with Chapter 6 of "Life in Shadow". I took the lazy option, trying to simplify the story so that I would be able to get it done after the enormously long delay, but it has resulted in me posting a story that I know perfectly well is not as good as it could be and it's nagging at me.

I'm going to take the hit and scrap it. I've already taken it down from my website. I'm not going to remove it from LiveJournal yet, I'll keep it up for a little while as I get on with the rewrite, but when the rewrite is complete I will be deleting the second half, making the first half "Chapter 6 - Part One", and posting a completely new Part Two. Well, it won't be totally new, it will incorporate chunks of the rewritten version that's up at the moment, but there will be a very major difference indeed in the plot that will change the entire course of the rest of the story.

I should have taken more notice of the old Hobbit saying "Short cuts make long delays". Sorry if I've messed my readers about, and massive thanks to those who have given me constructive criticism, especially nandibble, ffutures, and rahirah.
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