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Birthday wishes but no fic

Happy Birthday to trepkos

This morning I went to see curiouswombat and Daughter-dear off on the ferry. They're combining CW's attendance at a conference with K visiting prospective universities, and they'll be away until Saturday. They had to check in at 6.15 am, and I go back onto night shift tomorrow, so I stayed up all last night, went with them to the ferry, drove the car back home and then went to bed. Got up at lunchtime and I've been writing ever since then.

Alas, not with the results that I had hoped to achieve. I wanted to write a birthday fic for trepkos. Ideally it would have been m/m slash, but I can't write that. It's such an alien mind-set that I'd probably make a better job of writing in Korean. So, I decided upon a Spike/Riley friendship fic. Making it plausible hasn't been easy; I'm nowhere near the end yet, and it won't be ready in time. Maybe tomorrow.
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