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Poor pussy!

I'm all alone.

Daughter-dear is in Australia, and this morning curiouswombat set off for 10 days in the Isle of Skye. Her boat had an 8 am check-in time, departing from the terminal across the road from where I work; as I finish at 8 am the plan was for me to go straight out and see her off, but I got stuck on a call until 8.13 and had to rush across and had time only for a quick hug before she had to board.

Arriving home there was no sign of Shaka the cat, but when I went to the kitchen to make coffee I could hear faint and plaintive mewing from outside. I went out to investigate and realised that the mewing was coming from the shed. Yes, Shaka was locked in the shed. I called CW's mobile to let her know; she said that she had got something out from the shed last night, hadn't seen Shaka going in, and hadn't noticed that he wasn't in during the night except in a vague "Shaka isn't sitting on the keyboard so I can write undisturbed" sort of way. The pooor boy had been trapped in there overnight!

As I had to spend most of the day in bed, and am now off to work for another 10-hour shift, he's going to get very lonely.

Nothing that I can do about it, alas.
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