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Actual life stuff

Only 4 hours sleep today; had to get up in the early afternoon because the engineers were coming to instal our upgraded Sky+160 box (American readers think of it as a sort of Super-TiVo) and move the existing Sky+40 box to Daughter-Dear's room. They came late - I could have had an hour's more sleep - and then there was high drama when the main engineer's ladder slipped and he plummeted to the ground and lay still and groaning. I dialled an ambulance, but just before they dispatched the ambulance the bloke stopped groaning and got up. He'd landed on our big plastic wheelie bin and it had broken his fall and he was only winded. So I cancelled the ambulance.

Last night at work was gruelling. Three of us off ill out of a team of five! Including the Team Leader and the Deputy. I'm qualified to fill in for the deputy but not for the TL (there's a song in there somewhere ...) and so one of the daytime TLs filled in; alas he was not aware of some of the specialised admin tasks we do in the early hours of the morning when systems can update without disrupting services, and threw in the shredder a huge wad of computer printouts that I needed to do those tasks.

Those who have been looking at curiouswombat's recent photo posts have been complaining that I keep my hair cropped too short. Well, it's so that I can't tear it out at moments like that!

I made a start on the next chapter of "Sunnydale Passions" yesterday; I had hoped to do some today, or overnight, but there have been far too many disruptions. Maybe tomorrow.
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