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What's in a name?

I recently carried out a poll related to a revision that I was thinking of making to Chapter 12 of 'Angel of the Morning'. I have indeed made that revision, at least provisionally. Further details behind the cut.

The result of the poll that I carried out about my invented real name for Spike versus the name revealed in the new Spike comic was pretty overwhelming. Four to one in favour of me sticking with my invention.

Despite that result I've still gone ahead and re-written the relevant chapter of 'Angel of the Morning' with the semi-canon name. I began to feel that some of Spike's dialogue in a couple of the other chapters conflicted with the Chapter 12 revelation, and as the name from the comic serves the same purpose as mine I have provisionally decided to go with that version. I have kept a copy of the original and can revert to it if reader opinion so demands.

I would appreciate it if those who have time could take a look at the new version of Chapter 12 and check out the relevant scene and give me feedback on how well this version works. It is HERE

Tags: angel_of_the_morning, discussion, fic, fic_discussion
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