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Around the world in 80 ways

Took this from piksa

"Countries you have visited". Just to show off how travelled I am. Moans slightly because my own home country isn't included as an option, although our deadly rivals the Channel Islands are. Bah!

create your own visited countries map
or check out these Google Hacks.

Just returned from a Competency-based Interview for a promotion. Hate them. The interviewers have known me for years, like me, know perfectly well I'd be the best possible person for the job, and they have to set it aside and go entirely by how I answered 5 questions. Two of which were ones I wasn't expecting and didn't have any answers to them prepared. Oh well, I used the answers I had prepared for two questions they didn't ask, which makes more sense than you might think.

Will find out Thursday or Friday how it went.
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