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Birthday greetings, and Angel of the Morning Part Eleven revised.

Happy Birthday to Melissa (appomattoxco)

Everybody give Melissa a great big hand, for she gave up her birthday fic that ye might have two chapters of "Angel of the Morning" in quick succession. Not that I gave her any choice about it, of course. :-)

Yesterday I wrote a chapter of 'Angel of the Morning' in a single day and posted it immediately because of popular demand. As I was writing it I made a snap decision to change it from my original conception and draft. On reflection I have decided that the original version was better, and I've rewritten it and reposted it as it should have been.

The revised chapter is HERE

I'd particularly appreciate comments from people who've already read this chapter to see if they agree that it's an improvement.
Tags: angel_of_the_morning, birthdays, fic
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