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I haven't been welcoming new Friends lately, which is somewhat remiss of me. I do always visit the LJ of anyone who Friends me, and I Comment there if there is anything to which I can add something relevant. I greet them in replies to their Comments here, if I remember. But I don't always.

However my 201st Mutual Friend is particularly noteworthy; my first ever from mainland China. I could see from my website's Stats tracker that I'm being read in China, and in many more exotic places. Algeria, Paraguay, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, and Kyrgyzstan, for instance. But I don't often get LJ Friends from anywhere more exotic than Columbia.

Anyway, welcome to all my new Friends, especially weird_cowgirl (who put me on a list of the greatest Britons, ahead of David Bowie!) and

a special welcome to yangchencen

In other news, I've just beta-read the next chapter of curiouswombat's "Ten Years After" and I was totally blown away by it. It will be going up later today; watch out for it.
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