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Working for the Yankee Dollar

"Working for the Yankee Dollar" has been nominated in a couple of categories in the Lovebite Awards.
http://www.lovebite-network.info/awards/ Thanks to whoever nominated me.

And working, although for the pound sterling rather than the Yankee dollar, is what I'll be doing now. My five nights off work ends in twenty minutes, and my five nights of 10-hour shifts are here. The chances of anything creative from me during those nights are virtually nil; Saturday night through to Sunday morning is often quiet enough to write episodes of "Sunnydale Passions", but this weekend I'm going to be creating training scenarios for the other staff and won't have any free time.

Still, I haven't done badly during the time off; a couple of drabbles, an "Angel of the Morning" chapter, and a "Savage Beauty" chapter. I didn't manage to get my Giles fic for 12monthsofbtvs done, alas. Things with deadlines don't fit my work schedule very well.

As usual I'll try to keep up with my F-list during the next five days but I'll probably miss some things. Bye for now.
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