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Houston, we have lift-off

It's been a long time coming, but at last I've updated "It's Got to be Perfect".  Chapter 12, "Back in Black", is up here; or read it from the beginning here.  The "Hell's Bells" chapter.</font></p>

I know I promised it several days ago, but things didn't quite work out as I expected.  Partly Real Life; there were things my wife wanted me to do while I'm on holiday.  Not that I've done them, it's just that wriggling out of them took up time and energy.</font>

And partly me being distracted by Helga von Nutwimple aka theohara ; who not only writes such brilliant stuff that I waste far too much time reading it, but also has a habit of using ideas that I was just about to use and therefore forcing me to rethink and rewrite.  I do the same to her, she tells me.</font>

Not sure what I'm going to do next; I know the BuffyBot stories are probably the most popular of my fics, and people keep clamouring for another, but I think I'll probably do another chapter of "It's Got to be Perfect" while I'm in the groove.  Definitely no more "Pandora's Boxer" over the next couple of weeks at least.</font>

Thanks to the people who helped me with my research query, especially mommanerd  who was first to reply.  You have won - a mention in my LiveJournal!</font>

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