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AtS engraved on the head of a pin?

There’s a scene in the latest chapter of curiouswombat’s “Ten Years After” in which Spike tells Dawn something of what happened to him with Angel in LA. cbtreks mentioned in feedback especially enjoying her encapsulation of the last season of ‘Angel’, to which curiouswombat replied ’Thank you. It's probably the shortest version of it you're likely to come across!!’

As you know, I have problems resisting a challenge, and so I present an AtS S5 summary so short that I’m wasn’t even going to put it behind a cut until I thought of the risk of spoilers. A 50-word half-drabble.

S5 by 5

Wolfram and Hart L.A. was run the Angel way; Harmony his P.A. Ghost Spike solidified, Harmony went bleeding-eyed, Cordelia sadly died, Angel got puppetized, Gunn let down his side, Fred transmogrified, Wes was mortified, Connor rememorized, Lorne was traumatized. Angel signed Shanshu away; love is love and not fade away.

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