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Dang it!

hollydb was one of the winners at the Love's Last Glimpse Awards, and deservedly so. When she mentioned it in a recent post she made an unfortunate typo:

Danging in the Moonlight won Best Romance and a runner up for Best Challenge Response.

and that inspired me to write a little drabble and post it as a comment. Repeated here with permission. 100 words, rating harmless.

Danging in the Moonlight

"Dang Slayer", Lyle Gorch growled. "Her and her dang stakes, vampire cain't git a decent meal nohow." He looked up at the full moon. "Dang werewolves'll be out now, a-skeering away all the dang humans. Ah jest cain't abide those dang werewolves."

Candy pouted. "Why, Lyle Gorch, you big hunk of vampire, are you jest gonna stand around danging in the moonlight or are you gonna give me some hot sweet lovin'?"

Lyle turned and saw that Candy had removed her dress and was wearing nothing but high heels and a skimpy thong. "Dang me!" he exclaimed.

So she did.

Tags: drabbles
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