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Help me merkins; and, Pimping the Roxyverse

I could use a little help from any nice Americans out there.  I need an example or two of a celebrity couple from Feb 2002 where the man is much older than the woman.  Somebody famous enough that Harmony would be aware of them.

I'm way behind schedule on my writing.  Partly real life issues, but mainly due to spending too much time reading Helga von Nutwimple fics and then spending more time weeping at the impossibility of ever matching her genius.  So, the updates planned for Wednesday never happened.  Maybe late tonight, maybe tomorrow.

However, anyone who is missing their fix of Speaker-to-Customers' fics could fill that gap by reading some of my 'Roxyverse' stories.  Okay, there's a lot of Original Character stuff, but there are fics that are centred on canon characters too, and they're all clearly labelled in the index; you can read those and skip the OC stuff.  You'd miss out on back-story, but it should still make sense.  "Fight for the right to party" is the very last of the canon character fics, but it works as a pure standalone better than any of the others.  A retelling of "Chosen" from the point of view of a souled Harmony.  If you like my work, and have time to kill, try the Roxyverse.  It's low in calories, cholesterol-free, and the NC-17 fics my wife contributed are the hottest things ever.  Seriously.  And I say that as someone who has read all of nautibitz ' stories.


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