Speaker-to-Customers (speakr2customrs) wrote,

Geen eye of the little yellow god

"Savage Beauty" has been nominated in two categories at the Spuffy Awards. In one of them you could even vote for it if you wanted. http://www.flesh-for-fantasy.com/SpuffyAwards/

Makes up a bit for the seething jealously I'm feeling over frimfam's dramatic explosion into the Superstar category with her wonderful new story. And curiouswombat threatening to take my pole position within the family (she's been better than me at writing smut for ages, but because it was in the Roxyverse nobody but me and appomatoxco knew that).

Off to work now, for another ten hours of being battered and bemused by the stupidity of mankind (especially pointy-haired senior management).

ETA: for frimfam read frimfram, and for appomatoxco read appomattoxco. I was in a dreadful rush.
Tags: nominations/awards, pimping
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