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It's that time again.

It's that time again. Back to work for 5 nights of 10-hour shifts, writing time will be minimal. I had hoped to get another 'Angel of the Morning' chapter done and posted during my time off, but I didn't make it. I got 3,000 words done, but nothing much has happened in them, and the next natural break point is quite a way off.

Perhaps I should have gone with curiouswombat's plan and done another chapter of 'Savage Beauty' instead, I might well have got that finished and posted, but I was in the groove with 'Angel of the Morning' and wanted to keep the flow going. It didn't flow fast enough, however, and so it will be approximately a week before I get the chapter completed.

If you are very lucky I might have another quiet night at work in which I am able to dash off Episode Three of 'Sunnydale Passions' sometime during the next five days. No promises.

I'll try and keep up with my F-list, but sometimes I get so tired I flake out in the middle of reading and I may miss things.

Twenty minutes before I leave for work. Bye for now.
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