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Angel of the Morning Part 6

Here’s the next installment of ‘Angel of the Morning’, Spike/Willow, kicking off from ‘Dead Things’ and going AU from there. This chapter’s a little high on the fluff and low on the angst, and the rating might just reach ‘R’. 4,250 words.

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Angel of the Morning

Part Six

I guess Anya still had some of those old Vengeance Demon skills lurking around in her mind, ‘cause the bridesmaids’ dresses were hideous enough to avenge anything that we might have ever done to her. I didn’t come out of it too bad, I guess, ‘cause redheads can get away with wearing green, but it was such a bright and glaring green that it didn’t do even me any favors. Dawn looked okay, too, she’s young enough to carry almost anything off, but it looked pretty bad on Tara and on the Vengeance Demon who was the other bridesmaid. Buffy escaped the horror altogether ‘cause she was Xander’s Best Man and she’d insisted on wearing a tux.

She looked pretty good in the tux, better than I would have, and she’d have looked like death warmed up in the bridesmaid’s dress with her color, so that was a fate that I’d saved her from and maybe she should have been grateful. No such luck. But at least she was speaking to me; most of the time, anyways.

Xander wasn’t looking so good in his tux. He wasn’t bursting out of it, but it was a close thing. He must have put on ten pounds since he got fitted for it; all those donuts, I guess. Maybe he’d cut down and lose some of that weight once all the stress of the wedding planning was over. I hoped so, for Anya’s sake, ‘cause he looked like he’d be more with the squashing her than giving her orgasms. Funny, Xander ate when he was nervous or upset; Buffy quit eating when she was stressed out. She hardly seemed to have any boobies worth mentioning these days.

The prize for best-looking tux wearer had to go to Spike, of course. Getting him to wear it hadn’t been easy for me but it had been worth it. I got lots of envious looks when I hung onto his arm; yay me! Plus a couple of death glares, from Buffy and from Xander, but I could put up with them. The weather was real bad, the rain was coming down in sheets, but that was of the good in a way ‘cause it meant there was no sunlight for Spike to watch out for. We could act natural, like he wasn’t a vampire at all, so these clouds had a silver lining.

Giles wasn’t wearing a tux, it was tweed all the way, but he still looked good. No glasses, he had contact lenses, and that was a big surprise ‘cause how was he going to take them off and polish them when something made him think? Buffy’s face lit up when she saw him, happier than I’d seen her in months, and Xander and Anya and Dawn were pretty huge with the beaming smiles too. So was I, but I was a bit nervous too, ‘cause I knew he’d want to talk to me about the Spike thing, and I just hoped Xander wouldn’t get a chance to twist everything to Giles before he talked to me.

Although for once Xander wasn’t being a total asshole to Spike, ‘cause he was too busy with being the bridegroom. Spike was being Chief Usher, and he was hamming it up for all it was worth. Checking everybody against a list, like anyone would bother crashing Xander’s wedding. Except that somebody did.

Some old guy, or so it seemed, maybe one of Xander’s uncles or grandpas or something, ‘cept it turned out he was really a demon in disguise with an old grudge against Anya. Spike wouldn’t let him get to Xander, just said “Your name’s not down, you’re not coming in.” So the old man pushed Spike out of the way, sent him flying, and Spike bounced up grinning and said “You’re not human with a shove like that, mate. You’re a demon, and I hurt demons. Um, present company excepted,” and hit the old guy, and the chip didn’t go off. The old guy changed into a great big demon, started making a speech about getting his own back on Anya, but Spike said “Sod this for a game of soldiers” and kicked the demon in the balls and broke his neck when he doubled up. That got him big thanks from Anya and enough brownie points with Xander to keep them talking civil to each other for the rest of the night.

Big asshole of the day prize had to go to Xander’s dad. He was just a total jerk through the whole thing. ‘Bout the only time he shut his big mouth was when the happy couple were exchanging vows. Not like I hadn’t expected it, but he was even worse than usual.

Funny thing; Mrs. Harris likes Spike. Well, maybe not so funny. She knew him from when Spike lived with Xander in the basement, of course, and she was all smiles with him and “How are you these days?” He was all charming, too. Somehow there’s something about Spike that moms like. He was good friends with Joyce, after all, although she was pretty disapproving when it came out that Spike had a thing for Buffy. That thought led inevitably to me thinking about how my mom would react to Spike. There were plenty of strikes against him. Not Jewish, for a start. Not a doctor. No job at all. Rides a motorcycle. Bleaches his hair. English. That’s before you even get on to the whole vampire thing. On the plus side, ‘Spike’ was probably a simple enough name that Mom would be able to remember it, unlike ‘Buffy’. Oh, wait, she’d probably call him ‘Mike’. He was a guy, so that put him one up on Tara, who Mom only just about tolerated. Then again, vampire, so no grandchildren either way. Overall, testing out Mom’s reaction to Spike wasn’t something I was planning on doing any time soon.

- - - - -

Giles’ reaction to me and Spike being a couple was something else I wasn’t looking forward to facing and it wasn’t something that could be put off for long. I greeted him with a hug before the wedding, of course, but he didn’t get a real chance to talk to us until after the meal, when we bridesmaids had changed into ordinary clothes and the dancing had started.

Giles appeared beside us, all loomy, and I kinda cringed. “Hi, Giles,” I said, trying to be perky girl. “It’s just so wonderful that you could come. It’s a real big thing to Xander and Anya.”

“’Lo, Rupes,” Spike said. His shoulders went all tight, and he suddenly seemed to find his fingernails really fascinating.

“Um, well,” Giles said. “It really has been rather awkward making the time to get here and, fond as I am of the happy couple, I’m really not sure that I could have faced the effort involved if it wasn’t for another matter arising.” He put his finger to his face to adjust the position of imaginary glasses and poked himself between the eyes. Spike choked back a snigger and then tried to look innocent.

“Uh, you mean, well, us?” I asked. “Me and Spike?” My voice went a bit squeaky as I spoke, ‘cause this was way scarier than the intervention at the Magic Box. We were really dating now so there was no ‘it was just one trip to the movies’ option, and Giles was the one who had suffered most when Buffy had boinked Angel and unleashed Angelus, and anyway Giles was, well, Giles.

Spike moved closer to me and put his arm around my shoulders. “If you’re going to get on our case, Rupert, leave it till tomorrow, right? Trying to have a good time here. Not gonna let you upset my girl.”

“You misunderstand me, Spike. I am not necessarily opposed to this relationship.”

“You’re not?” I squeaked.

“I do have a few questions for you both, yes, but you are correct that this is hardly the time and place. Perhaps tomorrow afternoon, if that would be convenient?”

“Fine with me,” Spike assented. He looked pretty stunned. I guess he’d half expected a stake through the chest but instead Giles was being polite.

“Me too,” I said, still a bit squeaky.

We fixed a time and then Giles rubbed his eyes and yawned. “I know the evening is yet young, but my body clock is insisting that it is something like four in the morning,” he said. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to call it a night. I’ll leave you to your dancing, Willow, Spike, and I’ll say my farewells to Mr. and Mrs. Harris and make my way to my hotel room.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Harris? Why are you – oh! Xander and Anya! D’oh!” Moment of total stupidity from me there, yeah, but it was still totally weird to think of Anya being Mrs. Harris. Spike smirked at me and waggled his eyebrows, and Giles raised his eyes and smiled at me, and I suddenly felt so full of the relief and the Giles-love that I just had to grab him and give him a great big hug again. “Oh, Giles, it’s so good to see you again.”

“Umm, thank you, my dear, it is of course exceedingly good to see you too,” Giles said, and patted my back. I released my grip on him and he extended his hand to Spike. “Goodbye for now, Spike.”

Spike stared at Giles’ hand as if he thought there was one of those electric buzzer things hidden up Giles’ sleeve, but then took hold and shook. “Ta, Rupes. See you tomorrow – Dad.”

Giles laughed. “Yes, see you tomorrow, ah, Randy.”

“Well I’ll be a –” Spike began, and then D’Hoffryn walked across in front of us and Spike suddenly chopped himself off short. “That was a bit of a sodding surprise,” he said instead. “Thought Rupert would chew my bollocks off for sure.”

“I’m glad he didn’t,” I said, and then I screwed up my nerve and went on “I might have a use for them later.” I was kinda thinking this might be the night we moved our relationship on to the next level.

Spike waggled his eyebrows at me and ran his tongue across the edge of his teeth. “Hope so, pet. Fancy hitting the dance floor?”

“You’re always big with the hitting,” I mock-scolded him. “Let’s just walk there and dance, okay?”

- - - - -

“Hey,” Tara greeted me. She gave me a smile, and it reached her eyes and everything.

“Hey, you,” I responded. Spike was getting drinks, and he was a little delayed ‘cause the bridesmaid from Anya’s demon friends side, Hallie or Halfrek or something, had started talking to him. “So. You, uh, how’re you keeping?”

“I’m good. So, Xander and Anya made it.”

“Yeah, and we managed to stop Anya calling Xander a ‘sex poodle’ in her vows,” I said. “Yay us.”

“Yeah, yay us,” Tara agreed, with a little laugh. “Um, you and Spike. How’s it going?”

“Uh, we’re good.” I looked down at my feet. “It’s not the same as with you, but, uh, we’re good. Spike’s all kind of nice when you get to know him. Weird, huh?”

“Maybe not so weird. Spike’s never been anything else but nice to me. Even when he hit my nose, he was being nice really.”

“Yeah.” I laughed, just a little. “He says he’s always liked you, you know? Hey, thanks for backing me up when Buffy and Xander were doing the intervention. Uh, you were waiting for Buffy to come clean, right?”

“That’s right,” Tara said. “Um, yeah, she told me about her thing with Spike, so I wasn’t too happy about him with you at first; it was like he was two-timing Buffy, and you were doing the boyfriend stealing. I guess I was pretty mean to him at the party, and to you too. S-sorry.”

“That’s okay, you would’ve been right, ‘cept that Buffy had kinda dumped Spike by then, and I didn’t know a thing about it until later anyway.” It wasn’t as hard talking to Tara as I’d thought it might be, but it wasn’t easy.

“I’m glad things are going good for you two,” Tara said, and she had a big natural smile on her face now and her eyes went kinda crinkly at the corners and she looked like she always used to when she teased me. “Hey, I saw your underwear when we were changing. Things must definitely be going good. You never wore anything like that for me.”

“It-t’s n-new.” Hey, now it was me doing the stammering. Deep breath. “Victoria’s Secret. First time I’ve worn it. Spike hasn’t seen it yet. We haven’t, um, there hasn’t been any, well, not yet.”

“What haven’t I seen yet, pet?” Spike arrived back beside us, holding a tray of drinks, and he looked me up and down and did that thing with his eyebrow again.

“Uh, I – I’ll show you later,” I said, and Tara quirked up the corners of her mouth and she did a thing with her eyebrows too.

“I’ll look forward to it,” Spike smirked. “Here’s your drink, love, and I got you an Alabama Slammer, Glinda.”

“Thanks,” Tara said, accepting the drink. “Uh, I don’t usually, it’s not really my, uh, I don’t think it even really comes from Alabama, Spike.”

“English here, pet, what do I know? Get it down you, it’ll do you good. Well, it won’t do you much harm, anyway. Not like an occasion like this comes round often, is it?”

Tara took a sip. “I won’t be in any fit state to dance by the time I’ve finished this,” she commented.

“Well, get a dance in now,” Spike suggested. “Bet Red’d be up for it.”

Tara looked at me, and I looked at her. “You d-don’t mind?” Tara asked Spike, and I was thinking the same thing.

“‘Course not,” he said. “Every bloke’s favorite sight, innit, two fit birds dancing together? Well, not quite, but bearing in mind that we’re in public here. Go on, have yourselves a bop.”

We put down our drinks and went out onto the dance floor. This was way cool, Spike and Tara were okay about each other, and it looked like we could all three of us be friends. It might be different if Tara wanted me back, but that didn’t look on the cards and, hey, friends with Tara and girlfriend to Spike was looking pretty good right now. Of course, this was when I thought ‘maybe things are going too good’, and I started wondering what would go wrong. ‘Cause, Sunnydale.

I kept an eye out for Buffy, ‘cause if something was going to go wrong she was number one on the most likely sources list, but she was dancing with Xander’s pal Richard and looked like she was having an okay time; maybe all the way up into good. Dawn was hanging with a boy about her own age and they didn’t look to be getting into any mischief. Okay, the boy had pointed ears and, yeah, horns, but I’m dating a vampire so pot, kettle, and the guy looked pretty nice for a horny teenager.

The Harris clan and the demons had been snarking and bickering all night but it never got too bad. I have to give a lot of the credit for that to Clem, I guess, he was just really great at getting along with everybody and he was really convincing at putting over Xander’s lame ‘circus folk’ explanation for the demons not exactly looking like normal folks.

So everything looked fine and I relaxed and danced with Tara and then we both went back to Spike. That bridesmaid Hallie had joined him, and they were talking, and Spike wasn’t looking happy at all. He was looking at her with those sorta gunslinger eyes, and his mouth was just one dead straight line across his face, and he was talking to her and he didn’t sound like himself at all.

“I feel you have done quite enough damage, Miss Underwood,” he said. More like Giles than Spike’s usual voice.

“You were collateral damage, William,” Hallie said. “I bore you no ill will. You were an innocent bystander and should not have suffered. I sincerely regret what happened. Do allow me to recompense you.”

“I don’t trust you,” Spike replied. “I’m not fool enough to believe that a Vengeance Demon would act out of regret or altruism. There would be a catch, I am sure.” At that point he must have realized that Tara and I were back and he dropped back into his normal voice. “You can just sod off, Cecily. I’m beneath you, remember? Just bugger off and leave me and my girls alone.”

Hallie – or was her name Cecily? – raised her eyebrows and stood up. “Have it your own way, William. The offer won’t be repeated. Farewell.” She nodded to me and Tara. “Miss Rosenberg, Miss Maclay,” she said, and walked off towards Anya.

“Your girls?” Tara said, raising an eyebrow at Spike.

“Didn’t mean it like that, Glinda,” Spike said hastily. “Oh, bugger it. Look, just meant I was watching out for the both of you, right? Was thinking of Dawn as well, anyway. Just want that bitch to leave us the hell alone.”

Tara laughed. “You’re sweet, Spike,” she said. “I don’t mind.”

“Yeah, you are sweet,” I agreed. “Our sweet vampire.”

“Bloody hell, shoot my rep to hell why don’t you?” Spike grumbled, but he was smiling.

“What did she want?” I asked, and then sorta bit my lip ‘cause the smile went bye-bye, and really I hadn’t wanted to know all that much, I’d rather not have killed the moment, but too late.

“Knew her when I was alive, didn’t I?” Spike said, and shook his head. “Had no idea she was a sodding Vengeance Demon, did I? Bleeding fell for her, she shot me down in flames, and I took it bad, buggered off into the night, met Dru, and that was bloody that. Not a good memory, for all that Dru rescued me from mediocrity, and I’d rather not have seen Cecily again.” He picked up his glass of beer and drained half of it in one swallow. “Now she says she wants to make it up to me. Well, bugger that. What’d I want with a soul anyway?”

“A soul? She offered to restore your soul?” I wasn’t sure how I felt about that.

“Yeah. Knows about the Slayer calling me an ‘evil soulless thing’, somehow, said she could fix it so the Slayer’d have to shut her trap. Offered me a swap; chip out, soul in. Told her to get knotted.”

“I heard that bit,” I said. I took a drink while I thought about this.

“I think you made the right decision,” Tara said.

“Yeah, me too,” I agreed.

“Ta, pets,” Spike said, and the smile was back. “Way I see it, there’s always bleeding consequences when you go messing round with stuff like that. See, I’m not like Angel, brooding git that he is, wouldn’t take much to give me a moment of true happiness. Never mind the nookie, there’s a bloody load of things’d do it. I’d have lost it for the Miracle of the Nou Camp, that’s for sure, for bloody starters.”

“Miracle of the new camp?” I echoed. “What’s that?”

“Football, innit? European Cup Final, ninety-nine, was watching it on telly from Brazil. Man U versus Bayern Munich at the Nou Camp stadium in Barcelona. Bayern scored on five minutes and hung on for the next eighty-five. The ninety minutes were up, they were just playing the odd minutes of injury time, I was bloody sure we were stuffed, and then Teddy Sheringham goes and scores! Bloody fantastic. That meant we’d get half an hour extra time, we were in with a chance – then Ole Gunnar Solskjaer only goes and scores another, doesn’t he? That was it. There was only ten seconds left to play after that. The Germans were stuffed good and proper. One nil down, dead and buried, and we came back from it. I was dancing round the bar in Brazil, wasn’t I? Drinks were flowing, there were some other Brits in and we were in sodding heaven.” He was waving his hands around, miming the play and the celebration, and grinning all over his face.

Tara and I were both laughing. “I think I get what you mean,” I said. “Not that you losing your soul would be a big deal. I mean, it’s how we know you.”

“Yeah, it would just be a big waste of time,” Tara said.

“Hello, weren’t you listening? She said ‘chip out, soul in’, so there’d be me with no soul and no chip.”

“I’d trust you,” I told him.

“Me too,” Tara agreed.

Spike’s eyes went huge. “Bloody hell! You would? Bloody marvelous, pets. Only thing is, there’s people who wouldn’t. I’d have a sodding stake through my chest before I could get through the second chorus of ‘We are the champions’.”

Tara and I looked at each other. We knew he was right. Xander would go crazy as soon as the chip was out, soul or no soul, and I wasn’t sure which way Buffy would jump. “Maybe you’re right,” I agreed. “Anyway, you told her where to go, so yay Spike.”

“Yay Spike indeed,” Tara smiled. “Hey, I still feel like dancing.” She looked an invitation at me, but I’d been dancing with Spike and with her and I was feeling a little footsore. I chewed my lip for a second, not really wanting to say no but not wanting to dance either, and Spike spoke up.

“I’d be up for one, if that’s okay with you, Red?”

“Sure, you go ahead, I’ll sit this one out,” I told them. So they danced together, and I sat and sipped at my drink and thought. Hey, it looked as if things were maybe going to work out okay for all three of us, and if I didn’t say it out loud I shouldn’t jinx it. I hoped. I noticed Buffy giving me a funny look, but that was pretty much par for the course these days, and she was too busy keeping an eye on Dawn to come over, so that was of the good.

- - - - -

When Xander and Anya left for their honeymoon we said our goodbyes to them, and, hey, Xander was still being civil to Spike and vice versa. After that things started to wind down and once Mr. Harris had passed out, and he'd gotten shipped off home, people started to leave and so we left too. The rain had stopped by then, and me and Spike walked Tara back to her place, and then I said to Spike “Take me home now.”

“Well, yeah, pet,” he said. “Was going to, wasn’t going to make you walk back by yourself.”

“I mean, take me home, Spike,” I said. “I have something to show you, remember?”

Spike looked at me, and he smiled, and then he kissed me on the forehead. “Bloody right I remember, pet. You sure about this?”

Well, I was still a little nervous, but the time seemed kinda right and I wanted to seize the day. “Yeah, I’m sure.”

He kissed me again, still gently. “Been looking forward to this for a long time, love. Come on, then.”

- - - - -

I kinda expected that he’d be all urgent and demanding and, yeah, I wanted him, but I was a tiny bit scared too. Well, maybe more than a tiny bit, ‘cause what if he was rough with me? Only, it wasn’t like that at all. He sorta unwrapped me like I was a birthday present, and he said “You’re gorgeous, petal. Always knew you were beautiful under those fuzzy sweaters but I never guessed just how beautiful,” and I blushed ‘cause hey, I’m just Willow.

And yeah, some of his kisses were pretty deep and urgent and took my breath away but there were soft and gentle ones too, and he kissed my eyelids, and hey, he kissed his way all down my belly, and he circled his tongue in my navel, and wow, it was kind of like he’d lit a fire between my legs. And I was kissing and touching him, and hoping that I’d be good enough ‘cause hey, Drusilla had like a century of practice and Buffy had all that Slayer stuff, but he kept moaning and saying that I was sodding wonderful so I guess I was doing things right.

He slid into me real slow, really really slow, and I was panting and pushing myself against him and he was nibbling gently on my earlobe, and then he was all the way in and we moved together, and there was touching and our mouths were locked together and it went on and on, getting better and better.

When I came it was sorta like I was melting, and then suddenly I was all twitching and giggling, and I said “love you, love you,” and then he was coming too and he said “love you, Red, yeah,” and then we were lying all tangled up in each other and I felt like I was all floppy and didn’t have any bones, and I didn’t move and we just cuddled each other until I fell asleep.


The characters in this story do not belong to me, but are being used for amusement only and all rights remain with Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, the writers of the original episodes, and the TV and production companies responsible for the original television shows. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER ©2002 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer trademark is used without express permission from Fox.

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