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My first GIP

Sandra Strait on the Bloody Awful Gutter did a Spike/Walrus picture to illustrate "I am the walrus" and I've turned it into an icon as well.  Isn't it lovely?

And, incredibly, I'm thinking of doing a sequel; to be called "Strawberry Fields Forever".

However I will be strong and not do it until I've done more on the WIPs, especially "It's Got to be Perfect" which is behind schedule.

Oh, I think I'll have a quick rant while I'm on:

What's so wrong about writing fanfic in which Spike calls Tara "Glinda"?  Okay, it's not canon.  There were no instances on screen.  In one episode Willow is referred to as "Glinda", but that's by Cordelia not by Spike.  However, there are lots of other things in fanfic which aren't canon.  Like the plots of 99% of the stories, for a start.  If I can write a story in which the BuffyBot develops full sentience, or one in which Spike is sent back in time, then why shouldn't I write one in which Spike calls Tara "Glinda"?  It just seems to fit.  I believe that Spike would have called Tara "Glinda" on screen if the writers had given us more Spike/Tara interaction.

They didn't; I am.  And in all my universes sometimes Spike affectionately calls Tara "Glinda".  Deal with it.


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