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Birthday greetings, nightmares, and drabbles

Happy Birthday, morganna3!

I had a really horrible dream last night. I dreamed that I logged on to LiveJournal and saw a post announcing that
myfeetshowit had been killed in the line of duty while serving in the New Orleans police force. I woke up
shaking and was almost scared to turn on the computer. The relief when I logged on and confirmed that it was indeed
only a dream was overwhelming.

On a more cheerful note, on Monday it’s frimfram’s birthday and I’m going to make every effort to do something special for that occasion – although work may frustrate my plans. She is a delightful poster, who has become one of my favourites in a very short time, and at the moment doesn’t have many Friends. She deserves more.

I saw on her LJ, and on missmurchison’s, that harmonyfb had been flamed for posting an April Fool’s fic on All About Spike in which Spike dies, and as a response she has asked people to write Spike Death drabbles and post them on her LJ

They have both made brilliant contributions and I decided to play too. Three 100-word drabbles. One dark, one medium, and one light. I posted them on harmonyfb’s LJ last night, but I’ll repeat them here.

I Hear You Knocking …

There was a knock at Giles’ door. Buffy opened it and was faced by Spike, cowering from the sun, holding up a blanket to shield himself but still smouldering in the indirect rays.

“Help me!” Spike pleaded.

Buffy snatched away the blanket and pushed him hard, sending him sprawling into the full light of day, where he burned away to nothing.

She felt good about that easy victory for months; right up until she returned from defeating Adam to find the mutilated corpses of Giles, Willow, and Xander waiting for her in the chamber, and she screamed herself into insanity.

Change of Plan

Behind Angelus Spike rose from his wheelchair, tire iron in hand, and then saw a sword and picked that up instead. He swung hard and beheaded his grandsire. Angelus turned to dust. Drusilla leaped furiously at Spike, who decapitated her on the backswing.

“Well, that was a doddle,” Spike grinned at Buffy, who had just slain the last of Angelus’ minions. “I’ll be driving down to Rio now, cutie.”

Buffy stared at the dust of Angelus and tears came to her eyes. She swung her sword one more time and sliced through Spike’s neck. His last words were “Bloody welsher!”

Rebound Guy

Theirs not to reason why, theirs but to serve the guy. Their boss wanted a trampoline, and so the two low-ranking vampires manoeuvred the bulky piece of equipment along the sewer tunnels. They paused for a moment to rest at a place where a shaft let in a little light.

Buffy snatched the Ring of Amara from Spike’s finger and he began to smoke. Hastily he leaped for a manhole and plunged down the shaft. Three seconds later he reappeared, soared into the air before Buffy’s startled gaze, and burst into flames with one final despairing cry of “Oh, bugger!”

- - - - -

Off to watch the FA Cup Final now. For Spike's sake I'll support Manchester United, although as a Newcastle United fan my default reaction to Man U vs Arsenal is "A plague on both your houses".
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