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Squee! Gorgeous artwork for me!

The artwork for "The Cloak of Mist" from the watchersdiaries artathon is up here. Done by the stupendously talented deathisyourart, who is not only a wonderful artist but was also one of the founders of the watchersdiaries community and so was responsible for inspiring me to write the story in the first place.

I've got the wallpaper on my desktop, the banner on several different places on the website, and I've made an attempt to put the banner on my Journal. Not entirely successfully, but it is visible to some extent and is clearly visible on the Calendar page. At the bottom, alas, I can't get it to be visible at the top. And, of course, I'm using the new icon.

ETA: opalescence had a similar problem, appealed for help, and someone provided a link to a tutorial. I made use of it and the banner is now properly displayed.


Happy Birthday to janedavitt and belated happy birthday to sambony

I don't usually miss birthdays but I've hardly checked LJ at all during the past week.

I've also just heard that Savage Beauty has been nominated for Best WIP, Comedy/Fluff, Romance, and Fantasy at the ninth round of the Love’s Last Glimpse Awards.

And at Round 2 of the Love's Bitch Awards (I hadn't previously even heard of those) Savage Beauty has been nominated for Best Comedy and Best Alternate Universe, and Noggin and the Vampire has been nominated for Best Crossover.

What's the betting that I come second as usual?
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