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People keep having birthdays; and I have an attack of insanity

Happy Birthday to sevedra and to theantijoss

Here is an incredibly stupid drabble that is also an exercise in a story form exemplified by the 16th Century Latin novel “Pugna Porcorum”, by Johannes Placentius writing under the pseudonym of “Publius Porcius". Not a birthday fic; theantijoss would hate the subject matter, for a start. 100 words, all with something in common. Rating R.

Something Stupid

Spike salaciously seduced Slayer; slowly stripping, strenuously shagging, sweating, spurting semen. She squirmed sensuously, squealed, sighed, slept. She snored.

Spike snorted scornfully. “Stupid Slayer. Spunk smeared, snoring, sexy Slayer. Same sodding Summers, she’s still stupendous. So, Slayer, see Spike Saturday?” Spike said.

“Shush, Spike, Slayer sleepy.” She slept somnolently, snoring stentoriously.

“Stop sodding snoring!” Spike snarled savagely, slapping sleeping Slayer’s stomach. She screamed, startled. Spike smirked. “Shouldn’t sodding snore, Slayer.”

“Swine!” Summers spat. She stretched, shivered, scowled. “Seven? Shit! School!” She scampered schoolwards.

Spike sulked. “Sodding sunrise, spoiling seriously sexy shagging session. Sodding stupid Slayer. Still, super sexy slut. Satisfactory.”

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