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Birthday greetings and I've been Nominated

Happy Birthday to tobywolf13

and I hope your Finals go well.

In other news, "Savage Beauty" has been nominated for "Best Humor" in the Primordial Souls Awards. The notification included the name of the person who nominated me; thanks very much! (I won't mention your name in case you don't want it publicly known that you chose to nominate me rather than other people on your F-list).

I managed to get some "Savage Beauty" written during a quiet spell at work last night - Saturday night through to Sunday morning isn't exactly one of our peak periods - and, although I had to bring it home on paper and re-type it as there is no way to electronically transfer data out of our secure environment, it's still been a useful step forwards and I can confidently promise that the next SB chapter will go up during my 5 days off starting Tuesday.

Probably the next section of "Angel of the Morning" will too, but no promises with regards to that one or the other major WIPs; the big advantage of "Savage Beauty" is that I'm doing very short chapters, and with 500 words done already I could knock the rest off in a couple of hours.
Tags: birthdays, nominations/awards
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