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Sometimes this is hard work

Things aren't going well on the writing front at the moment.  All due to my relentless pursuit of publicity.  I saw a challenge that I don't think anyone else has ever attempted, had an idea for how it could be achieved, and went for it.

From "Vampire Kisses":
Challenge #3-
"Till The End Of The World"
- Make the Key into something other than human. Buffy and Spike still have to defend it with their lives and keep Glory from getting it. Must be a Spuffy story. The ending of Gifts must be intact.

It's proving to be extremely hard work.  Loads of research necessary.  It's meant writing an entire AU S5.  The "Pandora's Boxer" S4 rewrite was 150,000 words, the forthcoming PB S5 will be about the same, and no way do I want to do anything like that for this exercise.  My plan was to do the whole season in under 10,000 words, hardly longer than a single chapter of "Pandora's Boxer", and I'm keeping to that.  However, it has meant working in a very different way to my normal dialogue-driven style and I'm finding it a struggle.  Especially as my illness a few days ago brought me to a grinding halt and killed my momentum.

What really worries me is that it might not turn out to have been worth the effort.

Still, I've started so I'll finish.  I've done 7,500 words now, am up to "Intervention", so not far to go.  Then I'll get back to the mainstream stuff.

In other news - I have made contact with Helga von Nutwimple.  The brilliant newcomer who I was enthusiastically pimping recently turns out to have a LiveJournal presence - theohara  - and to be as insanely funny when recounting events in her real life as she is when telling stories about Xander cursed to always tell the truth.

And she likes my work too!


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