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Birthday Greetings and a half drabble

Happy Birthday to pixiediva and steanne

Here is a half-drabble - 50 words - not specifically a birthday fic, I'm afraid, this one is probably more aimed at Brits than Americans. BtVS, sometime in Season 5 or 6.

When the day is dawning

“It’s Wi-Wi-Wi-Willow,” Xander declared firmly.

“No, it’s W-W-W-Willow,” Spike insisted, equally firmly.

“You’re both wrong,” Anya told them. “It’s W-W-Wi-Wi-Willow.”

At that moment Tara entered the Magic Box.

“Ah, here’s someone who can settle the argument,” Spike said. “Glinda, help us out here. Is this the way to stammer ‘Willow’?”

Tags: birthdays, drabbles
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