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Birthday greetings and fic again

Happy Birthday to evilawyer

I’ve had a bit more waking time than I expected today; the phone rang at 3 pm just long enough to wake me up irrevocably, but not long enough for me to reach it before the ringing stopped. Wasn’t any message left on the answering machine, either, so the call was entirely pointless other than to rob me of a couple of hours sleep. Bummer.

I’ve spent that unexpected free time writing a little (525 words) birthday fic for evilawyer. Total whimsy; a scene from ‘In the Harsh Light of Day’ rewritten in a way that’s been done a hundred times before, but with added marmots! Hope you like it, G, and the icon was created specially for your birthday too.

ETA: 25th June 2007, ficlet now rewritten to be exactly 500 words.

Muskrat Love

Spike glanced around and grinned. “Birds singing, squirrels making lots of rotten little squirrels. Sun beaming down in a nice, non-fatal way. It's very exciting. I can't wait to see if I freckle.”

“Those aren’t squirrels,” Buffy corrected him. “They’re Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs.”

Spike frowned. “Are they? Can’t see the tails myself, with what they’re doing. Not much of a wildlife expert, me, ‘specially daytime ones. Don’t exactly get out in the sun much. You’re not dumb, Summers. Well, apart from your taste in men, that is.”

“What would you know about my taste in men?” Buffy hissed. She sprang to her feet.

Spike gestured towards the corner around which Parker had departed. “Well, that loser, for a start. What’s a gorgeous piece like you doing with a pillock like that?”

Buffy’s hand was on her stake but Spike’s words caused her to hesitate. “You think I’m gorgeous?”

“Well, yeah,” Spike admitted. “Hell, ‘s why I like fighting you so much. Speaking of which, how about it?”

Buffy squared up to him. “Like your taste in women is so great anyway. I mean, Harmony?” She rolled her eyes.

Spike pouted. “Well, she’s sort of superficially pretty. Blonde, nice knockers, good legs, California girl, ‘s not like I knew she was a total airhead when I took up with her. Sort of reminded me of you at first, well, until her bloody yammering drove me nuts.”

“You took up with Harmony because she reminded you of me?” Buffy’s eyebrows shot up.

Spike’s expression became that of a deer caught in headlights. “Bugger, didn’t mean to say that. Any use asking you to forget about it?”

“Nope,” Buffy said firmly. “I am so gonna boast about that.”

“Not if I kill you,” Spike growled, but he made no move to attack.

Buffy tossed her head. “There’s a big flaw in your plan, Spike. If you think I’m hot, well, killing me? So not the way to get anywhere with me.”

Spike tilted his head to one side and ran his tongue over his teeth. “So I might get somewhere with you if I don’t kill you?”

Buffy lowered her stake. She had to admit that Spike was a hottie. Her campus cred was going to be pretty much zero after her humiliation by Parker; but there might be a way to turn that back on him. Spike had those blue eyes, those killer cheekbones, that taut ass and that whole bad-boy attitude; if she showed up with him on her arm her break-up with Parker would take on a whole different vibe. “Maybe,” she admitted. “But no killing anyone else either.”

“Look, pet, I’ve got to eat,” Spike pointed out.

“You can buy blood,” Buffy told him. “Or eat animals.”

Spike’s brows furrowed as he thought hard. “Tough, but, hell, might just be worth it. ‘S a deal, Slayer, long as you make it worth my while. If I’m going to be eating furry animals it’s got to include getting some pussy.”

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