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TV on. Advert for Australian tourism came on with backing music of (I thought) Eva Cassidy doing "I can sing a rainbow" (yecchh!).
::booster17 points out that it was really Delta Goodrum doing the song in question, but the general point of this post is unaffected::

curiouswombat mentioned that she'd been listening to the radio the other day and Eva Cassidy's version of "Imagine" had come on and it had occurred to her that it was a good thing that Eva Cassidy had died otherwise someone would have shot her. I said, "Yeah, I would have shot her for what she did to 'Fields of Gold'."

curiouswombat said "I don't understand it, but some people actually like her versions of songs".

I said, "Yeah, some people regard sickeningly twee covers at a horribly slowed down tempo as good music", and then went on "I wonder what would be the most inappropriate possible song for her to wreck cover?" We thought for a few seconds. I was just about to suggest The Boomtown Rats' "I Don't Like Mondays" when Kat (daughter dear) trumped me.


I laughed so hard I couldn't stand. Quite literally ROFL.
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