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Looking for a particular fic

I'm looking for a Buffy fic set after Season 6. Spike has returned to England after getting his soul; Willow is there too and is depressed, suicidal, and downright nasty. Giles bullies Spike into sharing an apartment with her and making sure she doesn't kill herself; at one point Willow slashes her wrists but Spike manages to save her life. The Scoobies find out about the arrangement and an angry Xander demands that Spike be removed from the caretaker role; Buffy comes over to England and is fairly nasty to Spike despite it being evident that he is actually doing a good job in difficult circumstances. I can't remember where it went from there, which is one reason why I want to find it again.

Googling for likely phrases hasn't worked; I keep finding "The Measure of a Man" by Gwyneth Rhys, "In giving, we receive" by Leadlight, "The Big Hurt series" by Lovebitca (how I hate the ending of that story - and how I would have loved it if it hadn't been for the tiny little coda at the end!), and "When Darkness Falls" by L A Ward and Sanguine (voted "most frustratingly unfinished WIP of all time" by 100% of all Kzinti polled), and "The Three Lions" by Lesley (aka paratti); all good worthwhile stories but not the one I'm looking for.

Anyone know the one I mean? Addition: it has now been successfully identified as World's Edge by Antigone4. Thanks, everybody, especially Anonymous and maddeinin.

In other news my neck is fine now.

I spent yesterday evening trapped in my daughter's bedroom by her birthday party taking place downstairs; I was cut off from my computer and therefore I used hers. As a result I started a completely new story, probably a reasonably short one, kicking off from "Dead Things" and going AU from there, and I turned out a couple of thousand words during my incarceration. I also got a bit more done on "Savage Beauty" last night, and so you should see some more fic soon.
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