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Well, I'm more or less recovered now.  At 11.30 this morning I was in bed and feeling too weak to get out; at 3.00 pm I was in work and logged on.  Unfortunately we're so mind-blowingly busy I didn't have time to tell anyone that I had dragged myself from my sick-bed to sacrifice myself for the company, so my efforts are probably unappreciated.

Thanks to those who sent nice messages of sympathy; hope

missmurchison , who was also ill, is also recovered.


Hi to

limerickgirl , who I notice has return Friended me.  I loved your fic "Restitution".  Before I spotted you on LiveJournal I hadn't realised that your pen-name comes from your location; I kept reading your stuff expecting to come across passages on the lines of:

"There was a young lady from Bude

Who was fond of a swim in the nude

She was bit on the ass

By a twenty-pound Bass

And said something exceedingly rude"

and was getting a little perplexed at the absence of any such passages.


And now, revitalised, although still tired and with some stomach pain, I return to my writing.  Don't all cheer at once.




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