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Panic-stricken last minute dashes’R Us: a random assortment of writers I want to praise. I hope no-one missed the Magnificent Seven writers I recced yesterday; the “Savage Beauty” update seems to have eclipsed my earlier post.

N. L. Rummi aka sharelle. Her “Out of Joint” is ingenious and atmospheric and tightly plotted, really enjoyable, and I’m eagerly awaiting more.

Elsa Frohman elsaf at Spiked Dreams
Skillful, clever, charming character portrayals, beautifully detailed stories; her Christmas fic The Three Kings is the most delightful portrayal of the most hated of all the Buffyverse characters ever, and actually made me love him!

Mommanerd mommanerd. Her Andrew stories are probably the funniest things anyone in the fandom has ever written, and she can do serious too.

alwaysjbj “Cornpone and the Bloodsuckers” rivals Mommanerd’s stories for the funniest ever fic crown. Check out
Axis of Love for that and more.

tesla321 Skilful flowing prose, great characterisation, realistic original characters, and an Angel/Anya pairing story that makes it hard to visualise either of them with anyone else. One of two people who can almost persuade me to read m/m Slash.

janedavitt The other one who can almost get me to read m/m Slash. Not quite, but almost. Lots of superbly crafted fics at Jane's Stories

airawyn at Lost in a Story
I saw her story “Sex with Robots” ages ago on alt.tv.buffy-v-slayer.creative and loved it, but it wasn’t until we bumped into each other on LiveJournal that I discovered the full range of her wonderful stories. “The Quartet: Hunt For the Chraka Rathklo” is particularly outstanding.

itmustbetuesday is doing a response to one of theohara’s challenges, “Finding The Key”, that is so good that I don’t think even the sublime Helga Von Nutwimple could do it any better.

This is going to degenerate into a random stream with no time to go into details and I’m bound to miss out people whose works I love – sorry!

magista’s Obsession is full of great stories.

I must mention megan_peta, superbly creative. Her stories are at The Order, together with those of hollydb, another author whose stories I enjoy a lot.

bloodshedbaby, funny and sexy and ingenious and responsible for creating the House of Bloodshed , collecting together and giving support and encouragement to a host of good writers.

appomattoxco has a lovely light touch with romantic comedy, especially Ganya, that makes her stories a delight to read.

eurydice72 is a great writer, and also does a great job for the fandom with the “Loves Last Glimpse” Awards (see below!).

hieispike is stunningly good at drabbles and short fics, and when she does long stories they’re pretty damn good too. Check out Elusive Visions .

julia_here is doing a 19th Century Angelus and Drusilla story, “Just Another Irish Rose”, that is stupendously good. The atmosphere, the period and nautical detail, the characterisation, and the sheer use of language is good beyond my ability to praise.

OMG I almost forgot thomasina75 and debxena! And shadowscast!

Now, although there are undoubtedly wonderful writers left unpraised, and I’m sure I’ll kick myself for omissions later, I’ll have to stop. I’m going to post this, reply to some comments, and then get on with putting Chapter 6 of “Savage Beauty” on fanfic.net and on my website.

And on with collecting buttons and putting them on the site for my nominations. Not only did “Savage Beauty” get nominated for the LoveBite Awards, I’ve just been informed of FOUR nominations for it at “Love’s Last Glimpse”. Best WIP, Comedy/Fluff, Romance, and Fantasy. Again the nomination url is fanfic.net, so it probably wasn’t anyone I know who nominated me, but thanks anyway to whoever it was. Squee! I’ve never had so many nominations before.
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