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With only one day to go this is the time for abandoning my careful themed approach and just frantically spewing out a batch of names with nothing in common except sheer quality. One more day to go, too many great authors still unpraised.

Jerusha aka enigmaticblues.
The Writings of Enigmatic Blue is a treasure house of wonderful stories. Jerusha deals with emotion incomparably well, whether it is heartbreak or joy. Her inter-character relationships would make her stories outstanding on their own; but she combines that gift with an ability to come up with truly ingenious plots. Her “The Great Advantage of Being Alive” is probably the story I’ve re-read more times than any other. Just stunning.

kantayra is stunning too. Her site Forbidden Love is full of amazing fics covering Spuffy, Spara, Spillyria, Spred, and probably others; all done with skill and flair and capable of sucking readers in and making them true believers. She can do funny, she can do tragic, she can do heartbreaking, she can do action, she can do ultra-hot sex; the only thing she can’t do is boring. She has also thrown out challenges that have inspired great stories from others; it was one of her challenges that resulted in “It’s Got To Be Perfect”, and a lot of people seem to like the outcome.

The same challenge also inspired kallysten to write “Practically Perfect”, a wonderful story. kallysten, whose stories live at Divagations, is an extremely accomplished writer who has written truly classic stories; “Baby Steps” and the “Bloody Soul” series are must-reads for a start and there are a lot of other great stories on her site. She’s also half of kallayra, with kantayra, the combination responsible for “Tabula Rasa Ad Aeternum”.

Barb C alias rahirah
Simply superb. Plots that make me go green with envy. Characterisation to die for. Doom, gloom, violence, love, and hysterically funny passages too. A whole superbly visualised Barb-verse that makes the real world seem flat and boring and inhabited by cardboard cut-outs by comparison. I haven’t got the words to adequately praise her. Just go to Sleeping Jaguars and lose yourself in a world of wonder. Don’t miss the Out-takes, in which Evil Willow proves herself to be the funniest villain ever. Damn, Barb can write.

Blood and Weetabix is yet another treasure-house, although smaller than some of the others. Razor-sharp observation, intelligence, and a superbly deft touch with words.

Her "Blood" series, housed at the fiction shelves of the Soulful Spike Society, is an alternate S7 and beyond that works in a way that the ME version didn't. She managed to make me love the Potentials. Really. She is a writer of consumnate skill, and each word is a jewel carefully placed in the mosaic to make a perfect whole.

Missives From The Hellmouth is a site where I've spent many a happy hour. The quality of the writing is magical, the characterision is spot on, and the plots are exquisite. Her Vengeance Demon Anya is enchanting, she writes a superb Giles - oh, everything is delightful. Her "Seven Years in the Desert" is possibly the most ambitious project ever attempted in the Buffyverse fandom, and she is doing it justice. Just go there and read everything.

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