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As this is my day off and I can post earlier than on working days I’m going to concentrate on British authors who share my time zone.

Marcus Rowland and Booster are British, but I mentioned them yesterday as crossover experts, and I mentioned Keswindhover the day before that as part of the Buffybot Appreciation Society. Here are the rest; I tried to trim this list down but I couldn’t bear to leave anyone out. There are so many that I’m having to put this behind a cut.

Cass aka calove. I love Cass to pieces. She writes like a dream. Great plots, skilful characterisation, good voices, for all the normal Buffyverse characters. Her masterstroke, however, is what she’s done with Ilona Costa Bianchi. A minor character that ME treated in a two-dimensional joke fashion, and Cass has turned her into a wonderfully drawn personality with warmth, humour, compassion, an icily ruthless core, and an absolutely amazing and deep back-story. Ilona, as portrayed by Cass, is one of the most outstanding characters in the entire Buffyverse. She is a truly outstanding figure. In fact she is two truly outstanding figures, for this is her way. But we shall speak of her no more.

Cass's fellow co-conspirators on the awesome 12daysspillyria project, bogwitch and hesadevil are great too.

Hesadevil hasn’t written all that much yet, but it’s very good indeed. Find it HERE.

Bogwitch is as crazy as I am (but in a good way). The insanity is housed at Bogwitch’s Spike Page. Buffy as a pit pony. Spike meets Paddington Bear. Illyria unleashes her tentacled true form on Spike and it’s oddly romantic. And more. Crazy, funny, but sometimes heartbreaking. Bogwitch writes a wonderful Illyria; arrogant, bewildered by this world, cold, impatient, stern – and yet totally adorable.

elisi has done a post “Not Fade Away” story, The Summer After, that is remarkably good; and a AtS S5 story Play It Again Sam that manages to put Angel, Spike, and Riley together and come up with a degree of mutual respect and friendship – thanks to Nina and Sam – that is heart-warming, bittersweet, and believable.

Flurblewig is amazing. Check out Flurblefic for stories ranging from the chilling (And the Dead Shall Inherit The Earth) to the hysterically funny (I, Buffy and A Strange And Wonderful Place) and everything in between.

i_digress_uk ranges from the bleak and searing Dearest Thing and Dark House to the roll-around-laughing Bunny Be Mine.

quinara can do comedy, and angst, and in the watchersdiaries ficathon produced something truly outstanding. The atmospheric and well researched Propugnatrix Pollia brings Ancient Rome to life and introduces us to perhaps the worst Watcher and Slayer combination in history. Secundus Pollius Paulus, doing a job he has neither interest in or aptitude for, while his dreadful Slayer Pollia races along a hedonistic and self-destructive course that makes Faith’s adventures seem like the model of responsibility and propriety, will make you both laugh and weep. Quinara also performs a valuable service for the fandom as a moderator of stop_plagiarism.

spikesdeb has brought the world Spike Blond, vampire secret agent, affectionately spoofing Bond and Buffy; and also turned out a couple of watchersdiaries tales that were genuinely chilling.

Treacle Antlers had already written several excellent stories before she began her masterpiece “Mortal Wounds”. A post Not Fade Away story that hold the promise of being one of the all-time greats; possibly even the all time great. And then Real Life issues brought a grinding halt to her writing for a while, and although she has restarted it the updates are slow in coming. But it’s well worth waiting for.

trepkos has only written slash so far, and I don’t read slash; but from what I have seen of it she’s a very skilful writer.

Not strictly British, but close (Manx): curiouswombat! Okay, I’m probably biased because I’m married to her, but she writes the hottest smut ever. Really. See the stories in the Roxyverse marked “written by Voirrey” for confirmation. And her Bagpuss crossover Mid-day at the Lost and Found is a magical piece of gentle and affectionate humour.

Just to be awkward I’ll include Limerick Girl in this section, although she’s definitely not British. Irish, and brilliant.

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