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Still rushed and disorganised. I think tonight I’ll recommend the Kings of the Crossover. Authors who mix the Buffyverse with other settings and actually manage to make it convincing.

booster17, known as Booster 1 on his fanfiction.net profile. Superman, Predator, the Stargate SG-1 crew, and – most memorably of all – Aziriphale from “Good Omens”, Booster has introduced the Buffy characters to them all and more with riotous results.

Marcus Rowland, ffutures, the absolute master. Check out his stuff at Twisting the Hellmouth. From Remo Williams the Destroyer, to Batman, to CSI – too many to mention, and all brilliant. Current WIPs include a Buffyverse/Stargate SG-1 crossover that balances the two sets of characters absolutely perfectly and is seriously gripping and superbly plotted, and – my personal favourite – the uproarious “Deeds of Maidenly Unkindness”, in which Buffy and Willow get jobs as substitute teachers at the most notorious school in English fiction; the ghastly St Trinians, the only girls’ school to be mentioned in the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty.

And Kate Nuernberg, author of “Demons are forever”, an awesome Buffy/Terry Pratchett’s Discworld crossover that captures the character of both environments beautifully and with wonderfully comic effect. Alas, the entry in my Favourites is coming up as a dead link and I can’t find the story again.

ADDITION: I missed out of this list Don Sample, who has crossed BtVS with Dragnet, Captain Scarlet, and others, and done it very well indeed. I've known him on Usenet for years (not as long as I've known Marcus, but nearly) so I really shouldn't have overlooked him.

I haven’t done much writing in the past couple of days, haven’t felt well enough to give the WIPs the attention they deserve, but I’m recovering. Here is a drabble in the Doctor Who universe, for no particular reason.


The vast space ship’s shadow cast a pall of darkness over Glastonbury as it descended. It came to a halt a few feet above the ground and hovered. From a hatch in its side a ramp extended, leading down to the stage, and four Daleks emerged and traversed the ramp. Coldplay fled hastily as the warrior machines approached.

The Daleks took the place of the departed musicians and picked up the discarded instruments with their strange appendages. The leader seized the microphone and the others struck chords.

The rasping mechanical voice rang out.


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