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All my plans to do this in a logical and considered fashion have been torpedoed by my not feeling well this morning/early afternoon, but still forcing myself to struggle into work. I have a record of over 3 years with zero absences for illness and I don't want to spoil it. I'm feeling better now anyway, but I was in no condition for rational thought before work, and far too busy at work, so this is a bit of a rush job. I'll do a better job on Wednesday when I'm off work.

So, for today, I'll concentrate on The Buffybot Appreciation Society. A few authors who have made the Buffybot a significant character in their works and write her beautifully.

keswindhover's relentlessly cheerful Buffybot is sheer delight. Funny and endearing, infuriating but charming. Her "Buffybot Behind Bars" is so funny that it is hazardous to the reader's health, and the sequels "Buffybot in Tabula Rasa" and the current WIP "Buffybot's Birthday Adventure" match it in every way. Not that she just writes Buffybot stories; her "Buffy Three Meet Blackadder II" is just as funny, and she's written a lot of other good stories too.

The Visitor (visitorfic) has created a vast epic centred on the Buffybot. Hilariously funny for the most part, but not missing out the drama and the angst. The final episode of Buffybot Adventures Season One had me sobbing my heart out and wanting to kill one of the other (nominally good) characters very slowly and painfully. But then along came Season Two!

Alex, author of the totally mindblowingly funny and simultaneously almost unbearably poignant "I, Bot".
It's at http://alexbuffyfic.50megs.com/custom3.html

And theohara, the amazing Helga Von Nutwimple herself. The absolute queen of the character voice. Wickedly funny, plots of devastating ingenuity, probably the best dialogue in the fandom; not just funny, her beautiful "Valentine" was heartbreakingly poignant, and her little Gunn ficlet "The Choice" one of the most chilling things I've ever read. But what led me to include her in this particular group is her Buffybot, now going by the name of "Rachael", in her WIP "Two Summers". Rachael rocks!

As do all these four authors. Praise them with great praise!

I haven't managed to do it during the 7th my time anyway, but it will still be Day 2 for most of you.
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