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All work and no play

No writing today. I've been revamping my website. nandibble pointed out that it wasn't easy to navigate, and she's certainly right. I didn't design the site, it just happened. Bits have been added wherever there was a place for them. I am mediocre at writing html, and tend to do things by copying and pasting and then amending. Therefore, the fics were in something of a jumble. One reason for the colossal hit count that my site clocks up compared to the sites of some of my peers is probably the disorder; it would have been easy for a single visitor to register 50 hits just looking round the site checking to see if there were any updates or new stories.

Anyway, that situation should be greatly improved now. I've adopted the radical new idea of having my index pages list the fics in alphabetical order! I've added a new Updates page, and made it easier to get from my Speaker's Corner homepage to the fic pages.

I'd appreciate it if any of you who were familiar with the old layout would take a look and let me know what you think.

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