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Birthday greetings, thoughts on Awards, and a moan.

Happy Birthday to psubrat

I'm up for two "Best of the Best" awards at Vampire Kisses. I haven't voted yet; I don't even know if I will. Is it ethical to vote for myself? Even if it is, is it honest? There are too many hard choices. I'm just not up to making hard choices at the moment. Maybe I'll just hide my head in the sand and wait until it goes away.

I put "The Cloak of Mist" up on my site a week or so back, as the watchersdiaries had had it exclusively for long enough.

Only ONE person has read it there, and I'm fairly sure that the reader would have been a moderator from the Shadows and Dust Awards (for which I self-nominated it, not only legitimate but actually required for the nomination to be accepted) checking that it was a valid submission.

I can't believe it. I'm getting 70 visitors to the site a day, most of them are probably old readers checking to see if I've put up anything new, and I've got a new story there and they're not reading it! It's the best thing I've ever done - not only do I think that myself, but the comments I got at watchersdiaries indicate that a lot of people agree with me - and my own fans aren't reading it. Presumably because it doesn't contain Spike?

And the suckers don't seem to be biting at the "Savage Beauty" project on ff.net. Wonder how that would go down on my website?
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