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Miami Vice Crossover

Specially for liliaeth, a Spike/Miami Vice crossover drabble. Sort of. It probably won't make sense to anyone much younger than me; so that means maybe three of you will get it at the most.

Wild Frontier Vice

“Got two kilos of pure,” Spike revealed. The original owner of the cocaine now resided, totally drained of blood, at the bottom of a septic tank. Spike had decided to cash in on his fortuitous find and was looking for a purchaser. “I hear the people to talk to are Crockett and Tubbs. That you?”

The two undercover cops surveyed this new dealer. “Yeah, I’m Tubbs,” the one in the Armani suit confirmed.

“And he's Crockett?”

Crockett twirled the tail on his coonskin cap. “Sure am. Born on a mountaintop in Tennessee, killed a ba’ar when I was only three.”

Tags: drabbles
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