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Spammers are strange

A slice of spam found its way through my ISP's filter today which had such a surreal subject line that I didn't delete it immediately.

Greebo dahlia fetishists of 3358

"Greebo" is part of my e-mail address. He's a witch's cat in Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" novels, and in one of them they turn him human and get a six-foot, leather-clad, eye-patch wearing bodyguard with a massive taste for sex and violence. Hopefully at the same time.

Putting that together with "dahlia fetishists" did strange things to my imagination.

And then I looked at the content (without opening it, of course, even though I've got more virus checkers and Spyware immunisations than most people know exist) and saw the usual string of random words. Beginning with "sine arise".

Most of you will be too young or too foreign or both to remember Rolf Harris' 1962 song "Sun Arise", inspired by Aboriginal chants, but I'm not.

So I've got this picture in my head now of the piratical human cat, leather gleaming softly, dahlias tied at his belt like Morrissey performing with The Smiths in the Eighties, singing:

"Sine arise, early in the morning,
Sine arise, she come every morning
Bringing back the warmth to the ground..."
and playing wobbleboard and didgeridoo.

If you are very, very lucky this will not surface in a fic. Although there is a degree of similarity between Spike and Greebo, and ...

In other news hi to morganna3 who I've just return friended.
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