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Attack of the mutant plot bunny from Hell

Could this be the weirdest plot bunny of all time? curiouswombat and I were talking about the odd web-searches that find their way to my site, and I mentioned that one for "spike buffy love kisses", although on the right lines, had probably not quite produced the soppy Spuffy the searcher was expecting. This led on to a discussion of the way some people will read and enthusiastically review any soppy love story in which the lead characters are given the names "Spike" and "Buffy", no matter how dissimilar they are to the characters from the show.

I gave as a hypothetical example "Buffy is the Prime Minister of Iceland. Spike is a Jivaro headhunter in the Brazilian rain-forest. Can they get together?"

curiouswombat said "You ought to write that one."

I have to admit, for a minute there I was tempted. But no. Umm. No! Get thee behind me, Plot Bunny!
Tags: teasers
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