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I was made for writing fic baby

Another update.  Chapter 7 of "I was made for loving you baby" went up half an hour ago.  In which our mechanical marvel has to deal with the aftermath of the Tabula Rasa spell, hence the chapter title: "Everybody Hurts".

If anyone remains who hasn't already been reached by the much appreciated pimping by nihilistbear and theantijoss you can read it from the beginning here.


In other news I'm applying for a promotion at work.  I have many skills and talents but Competency-Based interview technique is not one of them so I'm not hopeful.


Story which may not mean much to my Merkin & Canadian & Aussie LJ friends.  Which is 90% of them, but an Englishman or two might read this so I'll go on.

In 49 BC the Romans tired of being ruled by a triumvirate and decided to appoint a single dictator.  They summoned the two leading candidates, Caesar and Pompey, to appear before the senate and do a competency-based interview.

Pompey gave as an example of his suitability his deeds in defending Rome against an invasion of Gauls, during which his legion had slain 60,000 Gauls at the gates of Rome.  Caesar gave as his example his own invasion of Gaul, during which his legion had also slain 60,000 Gauls in what is now France.

So the senate gave the job to Caesar because in Europe away Gauls count double.


I spotted nihilistbear listening to Big Country yesterday.  (Waves).  In a big country dreams stay with you.  Stay alive.</font>



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