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On a storyteller's night

Chapter 22 of the "Pandora's Boxer" trilogy, "Shadows of the Night", is now up on my site.  This completes Book One of the trilogy, and brings the story up to the end of BtVS Season 4.

In other words it's the Pandora-verse version of 'Restless'.  Don't expect straightforward narrative here, people.

Read it at "PB22 - Shadows of the Night"

or from the beginning at "Pandora's Boxer Prologue"

Can I just mention again how much I love

nihilistbear , thanks for all the pimping, and ditto to theantijoss


I'm going to be taking a break from Pandora's Boxer for a little while now, as it's between volumes.  I'll get on with "It's Got to be Perfect", the BuffyBot stories, make a proper start on "I am the Walrus", maybe do the sequel to "Pyromania".  Or maybe I'll get a life?  Nah, it'll never happen.




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