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Meme myself and I again

Belated Happy Birthday to thirdgorchbro

Pairings Meme - gacked from appomattoxco

1. What are five pairings you haven't written but would like to?

a) Giles/Drusilla
b) Harmony/Olaf
c) Harmony/Wesley
d) Jonathan/Amy
e) Spike/Cordelia

2. What are five uncommon pairings you would like to see (regardless of whether or not you write them)?

a) Spike/Cordelia
b) Giles/Drusilla
c) Spike/April
d) Angel/Gwen
e) BuffyBot/The Immortal

3. What are five (or fewer, if you haven't done that many) pairings you've written?

a) Joyce/Olaf
b) Harmony/Riley
c) Xander/Illyria
d) Giles/Harmony
e) Spike/Harmony
(plus all the het conventional pairings and many other unconventional)

4. What are your five favourite pairings you've read?

a) Spike/Tara
b) Spike/Willow
c) Wesley/Drusilla
d) Wesley/Nika (enigmaticblues’ OC)
e) Spike/Buffy

5. What are your five least favourite pairings?

a) Giles/Oz
b) Giles/Xander
c) Giles/Spike
d) Spike/Xander
e) Spike/Angel
(Are you seeing a common theme here?)

6. One pairing you would NEVER write, under ANY circumstances?

a) Giles/Dawn

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