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Year One - a milestone

February 14. A major milestone for me.

It was exactly one year ago today that I got my website. I posted the first 7 chapters of "Pandora's Boxer" within a day or two, and a big chunk of the "Roxyverse". I had 14 visitors during the remaining 2 weeks of February; I think due to self-pimping on Usenet and on the Spike's Salvation Yahoo! group.

In March I had 137 visitors and my first feedback from someone I didn't know in Real Life. It was from zanthinegirl, who is of course now one of my LJ Friends and is still giving me much valued encouragement and support.

The next was from someone called Nightwind. The next was from enigmaticblues. I'd already given her feedback on her delightful stories; she returned the favour and that was the start of our beautiful friendship (and Friendship once I got a LiveJournal in June).

After that it just kept on growing. 366 new visitors in April, 547 in May, and then I got the Runner-Up Award for Best Human Spike at Vampire Kisses (second to enigmaticblues, of course!) for "It's Got To Be Perfect", and got my LiveJournal, and it went quantum.

Now I've had a total of 11,877 unique visitors making 151,502 hits. Some blunder there by mistake, of course. Some of the referrals are from searches for mind-blowingly weird things that just happen to contain words that feature in my stories ('is walrus penis an obelisk?' for example [!!??]). But quite a few seem to be genuine.

It has been quite a year. I've written and posted hundreds of thousands of words, many of them different. Made a lot of friends. Recently I've really started to feel that I've achieved something, especially with the two watchersdiaries stories "Deid Canny" and "The Cloak of Mist". (Note - some of the other stories there are pretty damn good too, especially the latest entry by my new Friend spikesdeb; and there are some very good writers due to post there soon. Just Friend the community and read the lot.)

Anyway, thanks to everyone who has supported me over the past year and given me the encouragement that I needed to do all the work involved. I couldn't have done it without you. Love you all.

bogwitch, your Spike/Tentacle story will go up at around 10 or 11 pm.

Thank you
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