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T Minus One and Counting

Happy Birthday to lj

The crazy drabbles are back now that the pressure of getting ‘The Cloak of Mist’ ready is off. 100 words as usual, BtVS, rating G.

Worse Than A Bunny?

“Well,” Xander said nervously, “at least now we know the deep meaning behind the Cheese Guy.”

“I’ve still got the rocket launcher,” Buffy remembered, wincing as she saw the gigantic creature trample the Bronze to dust. “Only I think it’d just scratch this thing. Any ideas? Will?”

“Maybe it’s something to do with Amy?” Willow suggested. “I could kinda distract it with Habitrail, maybe. If we could get, you know, really really big Habitrail. Subway tunnel size.”

“Too late,” Amy sneered. “My revenge can’t be stopped now. You’re doomed.” She gestured towards her colossal rodent ally. “Welcome to the Hellmouse.”
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