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Houston we have lift-off

Well, I've finished "The Cloak of Mist". 29,261 words. Definitely a novella. Adventure. Horror. Romance. Tragedy. Celtic folklore and Norse myth. Even a little gratuitous nudity.

It has been a mighty labour. This tale grew in the telling, and all that. The requirements for the Ficathon specified a mininum of 3,000 words and I've gone way, way, past that. Was it worth it? Only time, and the reactions of readers, will tell.

Find out for yourselves at watchersdiaries on February 11th.

Three people volunteered to read the opening sequence: evilawyer, megan_peta, and zanthinegirl. To those three, and those three alone, I extend an invitation to read it ahead of the posting date. In exchange I'd like them to let me know of any historical or Gaelic terms in the manuscript that are not adequately explained in the course of the story, so that I can add a Glossary if necessary. I'm not looking for beta reading; it's too late now to put right any errors other than simple typos at this stage. Just things that don't make sense without knowledge that the average reader won't possess.

One more job to do; I have to break it into chapters, as it is too long for posting on LJ as a single post. How big a post can be posted reliably? Anyone know? I can't spot that information in the FAQ.

Normally, after completing such a huge project, I'd take a break for a few days. Alas, I can't do that this time. I have to complete the second tale for the Ficathon. This one is going to be much shorter but it's still work I could have done without. Remind me never to sign up for any other Ficathons ever again.
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