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Plot Bunny seeks good home

I'm taking a leaf from theohara's book and offering up plot bunnies to anyone interested rather than starting yet more WIPs. So, here's one that I'd love to write but won't.

I'm a Giles/Drusilla shipper. I'd have loved to see something come of the "Becoming Part 2" kiss. So, alternative S4 scenario. Instead of reacting to Spike's Slayer obsession by shagging Chaos/Fungus Demons, Drusilla returns to Sunnydale intending to rid herself of her rival by terminating Buffy with extreme prejudice - and is captured by the Initiative and chipped. She escapes, throws herself on the Scoobies' mercy, and generally fills the Spike role in S4 onwards, but inevitably there are differences and a Giles/Drusilla romance gradually develops. Spike's own presence or absence, and chipped or unchipped status, is up to the author.

This would have to be long. It would be hard to do convincingly. But I think that in the hands of a sufficiently talented writer it could be very good indeed.

If nobody takes me up on it I'll do it after I finish all scheduled WIPs and series fics. Probably in 2007.

I've passed 20,000 words on "The Cloak of Mist" and I'm hoping to have it finished this weekend.

That will give me 5 days to do the other story I've promised for the watchersdiaries ficathon; not long enough to do a reasonable job on the scenario I had planned, so I'll something from the Roxyverse background material where I've done all the research and outlining already. "Deid Canny", the story of how Jack became a vampire in 1613 after the Kalmar War.

Next is my story for bogwitch's Spike/Tentacle ficathon, for Valentine's Day; I've done 1,500 words of a planned 3,000 already so that should be no problem. "Attack of the 50-Foot Willow".

Then I've promised claudia_yvr a new chapter of "Life in Shadow" for her birthday on February 19; I've made a start already, and I should make it.

Then "Lithium" to complete the Nirvana Trilogy, and then on with the main WIPs "Pandora's Boxer" and the BuffyBot stories. And "The Immigrant Song" if I get really horny; or continuing "Alone" if I get really depressed.
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