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Really Rabbit Hole Day makes little difference to me

My posts are already weird enough, I can't really go much further. Here's another totally stupid 100-word drabble.

The Naked and Undead

“Is Angel around?” Nina asked.

“Sorry, Nina, he’s still out shooting that ‘White Flag’ video with Dido,” Harmony replied, fidgeting nervously with a unicorn statuette.

“He’s getting obsessed with his celebrity status,” Nina moaned, then noticed that Harmony was ill at ease. “Something I should know, Harmony?”

“Oh, well, I guess you gotta find out sooner or later,” Harmony answered reluctantly, sliding a copy of Playgirl across to the other girl and flipping it open.

Nina looked down at the pictures and spoke angrily as her blood ran cold. “My memory has just been sold. My Angel is a centrefold.”

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