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The fires of jealousy burn bright

A productive night working away at the final chapter of book one of the Pandora's Boxer trilogy.  An insane reworking of "Restless"; dreams for characters who didn't get dreams in the original, but who qualify due to the events of PB Chapter 21.  Featuring lemurs.  It should be finished, beta-ed, and up by this time tomorrow.  Except that I'm notorious for being over-optimistic with posting dates.

Anyway, I was feeling really pleased with myself and then I read the latest fic by Helga von Nutwimple.  Bugger.  Here am I trying to outdo enigmaticblues  as the most exciting new talent in BtVS fanfic, at least in my own mind (I know there are lots of superb writers out there but most of you have been around longer than us so don't qualify in quite the same category, although nihilistbear  is always exciting), and suddenly someone comes out of nowhere and poses a serious threat.  Insanely prolific, with three WIPs on the go at once (like me) and extremely good. 

Then felt I like some watcher of the skies when some new planet swims within his ken, or whatever.  Anyway.  It's good stuff.  Jealous now.


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