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Tentacles squirm again

As well as pressing on with "The Cloak of Mist", I've been playing with ideas for bogwitch's Spike/Tentactle ficathon. This one isn't suitable, as it isn't Spike/Tentacle, but I'm going to post it anyway. 100 words, of course, rating R. An AU scene from the NirvanaVerse.

The Deeper Well

“I grow bored of this shell,” Illyria proclaimed, dropping the game controller. Her armour melted away, her skin became entirely blue, her limbs lengthened and twined sinuously towards Xander.

His eye widened in horror as the tentacles grasped him, shredded his clothes, and dragged him towards a gaping maw. One slippery tentacle slid into his anus, probing and teasing until his cock was brought to erection, then he was pulled into a slimy embrace; cock sinking into an unimaginable sexual orifice, screaming, fucking.

Later he told Spike about it. “And the amazing thing,” Xander said, “still more romantic than Faith.”

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